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What is SlimCleaner Plus?

SlimCleaner Plus is a premium PC maintenance utility designed to both fix system errors and optimize the performance of a computer in all aspects. SlimCleaner Plus provides an all-in-one solution to a variety of common computer problems. Once installed, it can assess the health and security of your computer system quickly, including identification of unnecessary junk files and privacy data, the integrity and efficiency of the registry, the presence of unwanted or harmful software, and the optimization and security of your Internets connection settings. After its diagnosis, SlimCleaner Plus provides you with a comprehensive report of its analysis, and enables you to fix it all with just one click.

What is the purpose of an all-in-one cleaner?

The purpose of SlimCleaner Plus is to provide an all-in-one solution to common computer problems, that works quickly and seamlessly. SlimCleaner Plus saves time and effort by tackling all of the issues causing performance degradation at once, instead of one at a time like other cleaners. SlimCleaner Plus is designed to minimize clutter and be as un-invasive as possible, while still providing the best, most user-friendly care.

Can I Register my copy of SlimCleaner Plus Online?

Yes, you can! Registering SlimCleaner Plus is fast and easy: simply go to and sign up. It takes less than 2 minutes. Alternatively, you can register the program inside the SlimCleaner Plus trial itself. Simply look for the button on the main dialog that says “Register.” Clicking that button takes you to a dialog that will direct you to the registration page, or allows you to input your pre-purchased registration code.

How much does it cost to Register SlimCleaner Plus?

SlimCleaner Plus is priced at:
This includes a one-year license and unlimited upgrades.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We make it easy to register whether you want to use Credit or an online pay center like PayPal. We accept Mastercard and Visa, Master and Visa Debit, not to mention Bravo, Euro Card, JCB, and Novus.

Is my private information secure?

Absolutely. Any information that is provided to us voluntarily is strictly used for business purposes. That means it's never sold to third parties, rented out, published or shared with anyone except our sales processor, a certified transaction center called SafeCart. Both SafeCart and SlimWare Utilities work together to protect your privacy and sensitive information at all times. Any personal data, such as credit-card numbers, is secured with SSL encryption. This commitment makes it possible for us to be an accredited retailer and to guarantee the safety or your data.

Is my Registration guaranteed?

Yes. We at SlimWare Utilities stand by our product 100%. That's why we offer a full, money-back guarantee for the first sixty days. If at any time during this period you are unhappy with SlimCleaner Plus, email us and we will give you a complete refund. It's that simple.

Is SlimCleaner Plus easy to use?

Yes. We at SlimCleaner Plus subscribe to the philosophy that if a program is difficult to use, people won't use it, no matter how powerful it is. That's why we've committed ourselves to designing a user-interface that's both intuitive and as familiar as clicking a mouse. Its straight-forward layout allows you to intuitively navigate between all of the utilities and customize them for your personal needs. Alternatively, you can use the fully automated One Click Scan to instantly diagnose and fix all problems hindering your PCs performance.

How do I uninstall SlimCleaner Plus?

Uninstalling SlimCleaner Plus is easy. The first step is to completely close the program. If SlimCleaner Plus is open, click the X in the top, right-hand corner of the window to close it. Then, close out the background process if it is running. Check the system tray at the bottom of the screen and find the SlimCleaner Plus icon. Right-click it, and select Shut Down to close the background process.

Once you have completely shut down SlimCleaner Plus, you are ready to uninstall the program. Open the Windows Program Manager in the Control Panel. From here you can uninstall SlimCleaner Plus by selecting it from the list of installed programs and clicking "Uninstall".

Windows® XP: Click START, then click CONTROL PANEL. Next, click on ADD or REMOVE programs. Once the program lists populates, find the SlimCleaner Plus Icon, and click Remove.

Windows® Vista and Windows® 7: Click START, then click CONTROL PANEL. Next, click on the category PROGRAMS, and then the subcategory UNINSTALL A PROGRAM. Once the program list populates, find the SlimCleaner Plus Icon, and click Uninstall.

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Activating & Updating Activating & Updating

I have not received or I've lost my registration key. What can I do to activate SlimCleaner Plus?

To access your registration key, all you have to do is go into your account area by clicking here. To log in, just use your registered email address.

If you've changed your registered email address, or you can't remember it, then just contact our customer service department by emailing them at Include your name and the date when you registered. If we can locate your account, we'll email you your registration key.

Can I get back SlimCleaner Plus if I've updated my system, including an upgrade to WindowsTM Vista or Windows 7?

It's easy to get SlimCleaner Plus back on your system fast. To start, just download the latest version of SlimCleaner Plus here. Once you've installed the application, you just have to register the new version. Because you registered already, you don't have to make a new account, just use the registration key that you received when you first signed up.

Open the SlimCleaner Plus application and look on the main dialog. You should see a button that says register. Click it, and there you can input your registered email address and your Registration Key. Once in place, just click on “Register” and that's it! Your new version of SlimCleaner Plus is in place and ready to go.

How can I update SlimCleaner Plus so that I have the latest version?

When you register SlimCleaner Plus you automatically get access to all the latest updates as well as the latest versions of the SlimCleaner Plus program. When first installed, SlimCleaner Plus is set to download updates automatically. If it's not, or if you wish to do a manual check for updates, simply open SlimCleaner Plus and look on the main dialog. There you should see a button marked “Settings.” Click on that and then click the option to “Check for Updates Now.”

If you wish to install a newer version of the program itself, then all you have to do is download it here. Once installed, simply follow the steps outlined above to register the new version with your registered email address and your account registration key.

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Specialized Member's Help Specialized Member's Help

Is there a product Manual for SlimCleaner Plus?

Yes. To get the product manual for SlimCleaner Plus, just click here. Access it by entering your registered email address. The manual is designed to explain and show you how to use each feature.

I am having a problem with SlimCleaner Plus; are there any common solutions I can try?

If you're having some general problems getting the program up and running or getting it registered, try our Members' FAQ here. To log in, just use your registered email address.

How do I access my activation codes (Order number and Registration Key)?

To access any of your SlimCleaner Plus Member's Account information, just access your member page by clicking here. To log in, just use your registered email address.

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General Support Specialized Member's Help

Get exceptional support from our team of tech experts. To get help with SlimCleaner, just let us know. The best way to get real-time feedback is by visiting our forum. Alternatively, you can contact us by email.

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